The Henschel HS 293 Radio-controlled glider bomb

HS 293
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The German Henschel HS 293 Radio-controlled, rocket assisted "glider bomb" saw service during the Luftwaffe action against the allied advance out of the beach-heads in Normandy. Between 2nd - 6th of August 1944 the weapon was used to attack bridges over the River See and River Selume at the Southern end of the Cherbourg peninsula. At that time the American, general Patton was pouring his forces through these bottlenecks.

The attacks were made at night, the weapon being carried by Dornier Do217 aicraft. Only slight damage was done to the bridge at Pontaubault for the loss of 6 aircraft and crew.

More, albeit limited success was obtained in the Mediterranean theatre were these missiles were used against allied shipping.

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